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Registration for the 75th Anniversary Reunion

September 12 - 14, 2014

Step 1 - Contact Info: Enter your name and contact information. If you don't have an email address, you can leave it blank. However, you will not receive a confirmation email if you leave it blank.

Step 2 - Additional Guests: Enter the names of any additional guests that you are registering at this time.

Step 3 - Event Details: If you want to attend the event but want no meals, or if you want only some meals, please list them here and identify each meal you'll be attending. Please total your meals and registration fees here, for yourself and any additional guests. For example, 2 guests who are coming to dinner only would be (2) registration fees ($25) and (2) single meal fees ($32) for a total of $114. 

Step 4: Hit Submit, then please mail in a check for the total amount due. 

RSVP deadline is August 1st. Make sure you've paid your registration fee by August 1st, 2014. Space is limited.

If you are having trouble with this form or would prefer to register by phone,
please call (509) 997-9750