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Paracargo is an efficient way to deliver equipment and supplies to initial and extended attack fire incidents and work projects.  Paracargo is a cost effective and expedient means of delivering large and small payloads to personnel in the field.

Some items that can be delivered by Paracargo are listed below:

• Food: MREs, Fresh food, Hot buckets. 
• Drinking Water: 5 gal. or 2.5 gal cubies, bottled water, gatorade, ice, water filtration.
• Hand tools: Pulaski, Shovel, Rhino, Kombi, Felling axe. 
• Chain Saws and related supplies including felling equipment. 
• Pump and Hose + accessories. 
• Medical Equipment including traumatic injury and spinal immobilization gear. 
• Gas, diesel, saw mix, burn mix, pump mix.
• Crosscut saws for wilderness use. 
• Most items that can be ordered from the cache can be delivered by Para-cargo.